The ABC of Europe’s Superfoods

School students from Czech Republic, Greece, France, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey joined forces with the aim to put together a super-useful comprehensive guide of Europe’s superfoods. 

Europe's ABC of Superfoods Italian recipe

The junior high-school team from Corinth in Greece sent me the exciting news and I was delighted to discover the high quality of the material that European students have curated and made available to all of us.

Europe's ABC of Superfoods Spanish recipe

Created in the context of an e-twinning program, the e-book titled The ABC of Europe’s Superfoods provides a complete index of the most nutritious foods found in European countries, alongside with delicious, easy to prepare recipes from different countries.

Europe's ABC of Superfoods recipes

 💡 Read and download the e-book here (I have added it to my bookmarks!) and read the students’ blog here for more info


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