Top-class plastic surgeon Dr Armellini launches luxury anti-aging skincare range

Top-class plastic surgeon Dr Armellini launches luxury anti-aging skincare range

Dr Alberto Armellini, a top-class aesthetic plastic surgeon who splits his time between clinics in Rome, Italy, and Los Angeles, California, has announced the launch of an original luxury anti-aging skincare range for face and body.

The high quality products of Armellini Beauty and Skin Health were created for women and men who wish to restore and maintain a youthful looking skin for much longer than the natural aging process usually allows.

Alberto Armellini Luxury Anti-aging Face Cream

The first official presentation of the luxury skincare range took place at the prestigious Grand Hotel Imperiale in Forte Dei Marmi, in Northern Tuscany, Italy, organized by Alberto Armellini Beauty & Skin Health and Jaguar Autoitalia.

“Over the  years, and during the continuous search for improvement, it became necessary to add the  development of a domiciliary project, which would allow patients to treat themselves daily at home in order to maintain or restore skin luminosity, tone, elasticity, hydration, and, why not, even youthfulness and beauty”, Dr Armellini says.

“The skin is the most extensive organ we have, and it must be protected and taken care of from a very young age, through correct lifestyle, but above all with the constant use of avant-garde products of the highest quality, which allow  the parameters of health and youth to be maintained at a high level”

“Our aim is to educate patients to take care of their own health and to spread the culture of beauty”

Alberto Armellini Luxury Anti-aging Skincare Presentation

The luxurious hotel spa, awarded one of Italy’s Top 10 Spa Destinations, is one of the first locations where Dr Armellini’s anti-aging range is available to buy.

Alberto Armellini Luxury Anti-aging Skincare in Spa

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