August’s Cocktail and Outfit – 50s inspired fashion editorial

Campari Calendar August look Eva Green

Time for some 50s fashion inspiration this August as this month’s outfit for the limited edition Campari Calendar 2015 starring Eva Green is taking us straight to a bowling alley in 1950s USA.

The cute red dress Eva is wearing is an Azeddine Alaia, accessorized with an Andrew Gn belt and Lanvin stilettos.

[Click to view backstage images and video from the photo shoot]

Campari Calendar 2015 50s fashion

Photo by Julia Fullerton-Batten
Starring: Eva Green
Outfit: Azeddine Alaia Bright Red Bubble Dress in Embroidered Cotton from S/S 2014
Shoes: Burgundy shiny python Lanvin Sturdy stiletto shoes
Belt: Andrew Gn vermillion silk faille belt
Cocktail: Old Pal

Old Pal, the featured cocktail of the month, is in fact the Stars and Stripes version of the famous Negroni cocktail.

Created by a barman in 1920’s America, this drier version of the Negroni uses the characteristic American spirit, rye whiskey, instead of gin, and dry vermouth. It gained tremendous popularity in the 50’s.

Hollywood legend says that Old Pal was the favorite drink of Richard Burton, the Welsh actor who was an icon of strength and masculinity in the 50s. Likewise, Old Pal is both strong and fascinating, like its most famous admirers, the male stars of Hollywood of the era.

Old Pal Cocktail recipe


cocktail recipe

– 1 part (1 oz) Campari
– 1 part (1 oz) Rye Whiskey
– 1 part (1 oz) dry vermouth (Campari recommends Cinzano
Extra Dry)

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice cubes. Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange peel and red cherry cocktail

*enjoy responsibly!

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