My “Minnie Mawi” favourites

My “Minnie Mawi” favourites

Last month I wrote about Mawi of London’s collaboration with Disney Couture for a collection called “Minnie Mawi”, which will celebrate the 80th birthday of Minnie Mouse, and will be out this month. Today I present to you my favourite pieces from “Minnie Mawi”. This is the most girlie jewelry collection of Mawi until today, thanks to its bows, charms, hearts and Minnie Mouse heads, the use of pearls and gems in many of the pieces makes the collection timeless and appropriate for all ages though. Make sure you include at least one of them in your budget for AW 2011-12, as these are fashion jewelry that will match your outfits for many years to come – after which, they will pass to your daughter at sometime for sure.

Minnie Mawi Charms - charming, isn't it! That's my nr.1 favourite from the collection, girlie as it is. The same style comes also in an equally fabulous necklace with charms.

Double-row of pearls, gems and a touch of pop art; everything is possible for Mawi Keivom.

Imagine this set (earrings and necklace) with an LBD; absolute glam and chic.

Mawi couldn't help incorporating a few pieces with her trademark industrial design to the collection. Here are Mawi's mouse-molded cogwheels put nicely together for a "Minnie Mawi" collectable necklace.



Simple, chic and fabulous, to match your everyday outfits.


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