A new, astonishing design men’s watch by U-BOAT

Chimera Mother of Pearl men's watch

Italian watch manufacturer U-BOAT has announced the latest version of its Chimera men’s watch, featuring pure Mother of Pearl in its dial.

Although I don’t write often about watches in this blog, the enthralling contrast between the tough steampunk style and the naturally luxurious essence of Mother of Pearl was too much of an interesting design twist for me to turn a blind eye on – and one I would surely notice on someone wearing it.

As the WatchPro points out, Mother of Pearl, traditionally used in ladies’ watches, is taking a leap as a trending material in men’s watches as well lately. And I think that the Chimera 43 B&B Mother of Pearl  makes such a sophisticated example of that trend.

Completely handcrafted in Italy, like all U-BOAT creations, Chimera 43 B&B Mother of Pearl showcases the creativity of brand designer Italo Fontana. The astonishing steampunk design makes the watch look like it jumped straight out of the world of a Jules Verne or HG Wells novel.

The 43 mm case is in naturally aged bronze and crafted in AISI 316 plus stainless steel with subsequent PVD coating treatment. Under the optical sapphire glass on the surface, the dial consists of three superimposed layers, one in pure Mother of Pearl with varnished metal parts.

Chimera Mother of Pearl men's watch Chimera Mother of Pearl men's watch

The bezel, case and case-back are locked together by external tubing that ensures water resistance to 100 meters. The patented sculpted pusher enables the wearer to eject the inner crown from its recessed position for setting of time and date.

The watch offers date, hours, minutes, seconds and a laser cut 24 hour indicator. The strap is entirely handmade in naturally aged leather, with finishes made with waxed cotton, and features a stainless steel buckle with PVD coating.

Chimera Mother of Pearl men's watch

Find out more at http://www.uboatwatch.com/


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