3 Steps For A Perfect Weekend Getaway


A weekend getaway always works as the short and sweet solution to revamp your relationships, boost your productivity or simply provide some much-needed rest and relaxation.

It can also be a more affordable alternative to a longer vacation.

From Friday to Sunday, you can explore a new territory and still be behind your desk by Monday.

Our three necessary steps will help you make the best of your weekend getaway experience.

Set your budget

Travelling is a luxury that can be afforded if you plan towards it financially. Before you draw out your budget, you need to choose your destination so you can calculate your expenses accurately.

It would be best to plan your budget at least a few weeks ahead so you don’t end up cancelling activities or reservations due to low funds when the time is near. When saving up, factor in your meals, activities, and additional expenses.

If you need a tour guide, reach out to a few and compare their prices and quality of service, and if you are crossing the border into another country, make sure you have made enough financial room for splurging.  

Plan well

Planning the basic aspects of your travel is crucial if you want a perfect getaway. Once you know where you want to go and the type of trip you will have, now you should consider researching your destination.

Eg, what is the weather like? Is there a dress code? Being a responsible tourist means equipping yourself with enough information to navigate your way and respect the laws.

Use resources like travel apps to read reviews and join groups on social media where people share their experiences about your intended destination. It will also serve you well to learn a few foreign words that will help you communicate with the locals.

You also need to make meal plans during your break. If your accommodation is self-catering, you can take time to create new dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, adding in local products. Snacks like this pancake recipe for breakfast this weekend could be a smart idea, as they are also good to pack and keep with you during a busy day exploring your destination.

Book accommodation and transportation

Driving or flying out without booking accommodation can be risky. You could be left without a place to stay or a means to move around.

While it might be tempting to compromise on luxury or comfort, note that where you lay your head sets the tone for your entire trip.

The location of your hotel is equally important. Would you rather book one in the middle of your dream destination so you can explore on foot, or use transport to the city centre?

If you are taking a road trip, ensure your car is in good condition and you have your necessary travel documents on you.

Getaways are meant to give you a break from routine and provide a relaxing time. If you always keep in mind the above three basic steps, it will be very easy to put together a beautiful trip and come back home with unforgettable memories.


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