Autumn makeup tutorial – Peach lipstick with mint green eyeliner

Autumn Vintage Peach Makeup Mint Eyeliner

Makeup artist Despina Papaioannou created a beautiful doll like makeup look for PaulaTrendsets’ autumn vintage glam fashion editorial directed by Argiris Raftopoulos. 

“We wanted to create a clean yet feminine natural makeup look with some delicate peach hues”, says Raftopoulos.

Autumn Vintage Style Makeup Closeup

Papaioannou made a dual lipstick selection to implement the good old trick which makes lips look juicier; two similar shades of lipstick are applied, the darker all over the lips and the ligher just on the center of the bottom lip.

Autumn Vintage Style Makeup Closeup

A natural peach blush was applied on the cheeks, but another interesting color made a surprise appearence in this makeup look. Above a very slim line of liquid black eyeliner, a second, thick line of pastel mint green eyeliner was drawn across the top eyelid instead of eyeshadow to accentuate the eyes. Black mascara was only applied to the top eyelashes.

Autumn Vintage Style Makeup Closeup


Photographer : Apostolis Anastasopoulos

Creative Director : Argiris Raftopoulos

Hairstylist : Argiris Raftopoulos

Makeup Artist : Despina Papaioannou

Assistant Hairstylists : Marinaki Georgiou, Grigoris Panagiotou, Roula Tselenti

Jewellery : Michalis Sparopoulos

Clothes Designer : Ilias Wia

Model: Katerina Koukouraki

Autumn Vintage Style Fashion Editorial

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