Fashion Editorial – Ice Queen with a Modern Baroque Attitude

fashion hair makeup 2015 2016

An exclusive fashion editorial directed by acclaimed Greek hairstylist Argyris Raftopoulos gives us a few first ideas for styling next winter’s trends of ice cold beauty and modern baroque fashion.

Photographer : Jurgen Pisha
Make Up Artist : Mary Rokkou
Hairstyling : Argiris Raftopoulos
Model : Mina

fashion hair makeup 2015 2016

In this photoshoot, starring model Mina, the hair is an icy platinum blond, same with the eyebrows. A sheer glow foundation was applied, to make the skin radiant and transparent.

Frosted eye makeup

A frosted white eye shadow was swept across the upper eyelid to keep the eye makeup strikingly colorless in an otherworldly way. A thick layer of mascara was applied on both the upper and the lower lashes to create a contrast and highlight a sharp gaze (try L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga or Miss Punky mascara for a stunning effect)

fashion hair makeup 2015 2016

Lips are the focal point of this makeup look, accentuated in a dark bold blue – purple shade (try Stargazer Lipstick Turquoise #104 5.2g or the hit MAC PRO LIPSTICK COLLECTION – MATTE LIPSTICK – SMOKED PURPLE for a similar result).

fashion hair makeup 2015 2016

fashion hair makeup 2015 2016

ashion hair makeup 2015 2016

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