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Wooden fashion accessories 2014

As fashion makes a turn all the more towards sustainability, wood has become increasingly popular as a material for fashion accessories in recent seasons.

Although, it takes a good amount of talent and skillful artillery to transform a heavy natural resource into delicate and imaginative objects of desire, sought-after by fashionistas worldwide.

Given that the warm shades of wood make it a perfect choice to complete a wintery outfit with an alternative fashion twist, I have the pleasure to share with you my top 3 favourite brands that make wood stylistically irresistible and wonderfully appealing.


When I spotted this Italian brand at ZipZone Spring Summer 2015 last September in Paris, I couldn’t believe how lightweight all its wooden accessories were.

First you will notice the wooden sunglasses which come with mirror lenses in your preferred color, then the watches and the carved  iPhone cases – ask to see the one with the famous Sicilian cannolo sweet carving.

GUFO woody mobile cases

Gufo is the Italian word for “owl”, which is featured on a few iPhone cases of the brand.

GUFO woody watches

Wooden watches and sunglasses are Gufo’s main products…

GUFO woody sunglasses

…and you can find the latter in a variety of designs and with different lens colors.

MariNoLoves by MARI NORDEN

Although Mari Norden’s most wanted creations are her hand dyed and silk screen printed garments and textiles, I couldn’t stop staring at these cute wooden handbags on display at ZipZone – not until the designer showed me the matching wooden earrings she was wearing.

Don’t you just go awww…!!!

Carved wooden handbags MNL by Mari Norden

MariNoLoves two-tone wooden handbags in beautiful color combos!

Carved wooden earrings MNL by Mari Norden

Carved wooden earrings

Carved wooden earrings designer Mari Norden

Wear it like the designer; Mari Norden sports the wooden earrings in a deep shade of pink.


Last but not least, a line of state-of-the-art wooden clutch bags, playfully adorned with the signature neon touch of Cecilia Ma.

They first caught my attention at the WOMAN PARIS SS14 trade show and I became a devoted fan ever since…


The PINE and KAMIE wooden clutches from Cecilia Ma’s Bijoux collection…


…the SILAS clutch with an elaborate carving (left) and the KAROK clutch with a black and white inside coating…



…and the adorable WAKEUP clutch!


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