Makeup essentials: NoSmudgee Mascara Shield

Makeup essentials: NoSmudgee Mascara Shield

You know when you are almost done, having spent a respectful amount of time to create your perfect eye-makeup for that special night out, when you pass a coat of mascara over your eyelashes and disaster strikes… A blot or even a tiny, thin little line of mascara misses its way from the mascara wand onto your eyelashes and ends up spoiling your oh-so-perfect eyeshadow makeup on your eyelids. Come on, you know all girls have experienced that annoying moment, followed by virtuosic maneuvres trying to remove the unwelcome mascara spot with a cotton stick swab -often resulting in removing the whole lot of eyeshadow, adding extra time to our already time-consuming make-up routine.

Much to our relief, a simple yet salutary new beauty essential can now be added to our beauty case to help us be 100% smudge-free, 100% effective at the last and most important step of our eye-makeup. The NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield makes mascara application easier than ever.

Simply hold the Mascara Shield behind your lashes while you apply mascara. That works even when you may need to apply mascara without the use of a mirror. Thanks to its shielding the eyelids from excess mascara, you can now add as many layers of mascara as you want, for a magnetic dramatic look to your eyelashes.

After use, wipe any excess mascara off the shield with a tissue so you can reuse it. At a modest 1.95$, the NoSmudgee Mascara Shield is undoubtedly the new makeup must-have for your beauty case.


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