Michael Cacoyiannis: visual art approaches to a legend in cinema

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Is the art of cinema, wearable?

30 Greek artists attempt to give their own answer each, through an original art exhibition launching tonight at the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation in Athens.

Inspired by the emblematic women characters in legendary director’s Michael Cacoyiannis’ films and his aestetic routes, contemporary artists have created sophisticated garments, elaborate jewellery and handmade beauty recipes.


Jewels by Jessica, Olga Mergou Antiageing Products, Roi Wearable Art, Razzmatazz, 2A Studio, Amalia, Gaffer & Fluf, Maria Arvaniti, Dolido Jewels, VladiLena, Celebrity Skin, Panos Apergis, Dimitris Dassios, Periklis Kondylatos, Poupée, Katerina Karouzou, Vassilia, {Flu:k}, Vasiliki Syrma, Stories to Wear, Chrystal, Maslinda, Strigles Craftcrime, Matalou at Home, Myrenia, Elen Lovely Creations and Nikos Glavinas.

 17/10 to 15/11/2012, opening hours 18.00-22.00

Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation

Peiraios 206

Athens, Τ.Κ. 17778

tel. 0030-21034185590


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