BCBG Max Azria bling

BCBG Max Azria bling

I was running through my photo archive when I came across a couple of pictures of a lovely BCBG Max Azria ring that I bought last November from a pre-Xmas discount event at Harvey Nicholls Knightsbridge.

I have always admired BCBG’s fashion identity, other than for the outstanding quality of fabrics, primarily for the sophisticated minimalism that makes the brand’s outfits look so effortlessly elegant and powerful at the same time, without being extravagantly lavish and deluxe.

Both above reasons apply to why I felt so attracted by this double panther ring on a mid-week evening, while I was out determined not to shop but only look around and have a laugh with my friends. I hadn’t counted on this tiny, alluring item though. First was the panther, one of my favourite motifs in jewelry, a symbol of power and mystical charm, appearing on a delicate-looking ring which seems to gently wrap around your fingers. The representation of two panthers embracing meant to me the amplified power of team spirit, friendship and companionship. Last but not least, the shiny emerald green eyes on a gold surface, underlined a spirit always watchful and on their toes.

How could I possibly let such a beauty slip away?


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