Anatripsis: breakthrough massage technique gains enthusiastic reviews


Massage therapist Panayiota Lazaris was one of the very first people I interviewed when I was starting out as a TV reporter and her acquaintance has had a deeply transformational effect on my life and mindset, as it had on hundreds of other people that this charismatic healer has treated over the past 25 years.

Paula Tsoni interviewing Panayiota Lazaris for Sigma TV

Interview for Cyprus’ Sigma TV breakfast show, summer 2007

Her own innovative massage therapy technique was developed over 20 years of practice and was recently certified as an Advance Massage Therapy in the UK, as it has been documented to make people feel much better when treated for a wide spectrum of health and emotional problems ranging from stress and anxiety issues to complex orthopedics troubles.

The method has been named Anatripsis, after the ancient Greek name for massage therapy, which  the father of medicine Hippocrates recommended and implied both as a preventive and healing method on his patients. 

In the past, I had the opportunity to personally interview at least 5 of Panayiota’s patients, young and old, some of which had eventually seen a drastic improvement in their condition through Anatripsis even after painful surgical procedures had failed to relieve their suffering. This is how I always knew I had to keep spreading the word about Anatripsis even further, especially now that the method is officially listed in the list of therapies of the Complementary Therapists Association UK.

In the following very basic Q&A, Panayiota Lazaris explains how Anatripsis works and how anyone can benefit from it, either with an Anatripsis therapist or by applying the method themselves in the comfort of their own home.

What is Anatripsis? How does it work and how is it different from the classic massage?

Classic massage are basic massage techniques whereby the techniques are mostly applied with the flats of thumbs and hands. The techniques within Anatripsis are extremely advanced whereby the techniques are applied with the side parts of thumbs and fingers.


Left: classic effleurage massage technique Right: anatripsis effleurage massage technique

You will notice the style is completely different – this comes about through the pressure and angling of techniques. And by applying techniques in this way one can actually massage most symptoms. It works also as a preventive to illness and has fast healing results from the first session.

The Anatripsis therapist is trained to sense their way through the body and find the imbalances. Thereafter one of the asset techniques used in Anatripsis, which I call ‘Fine Tuning’  is applied to the root of the problem within the body and this removes properly all the tension out. These are new unique techniques that were developed over a process of 20 years. Anatripsis Therapy is intense, therapeutic and powerful.

How many sessions are needed for result to show?

For each individual it will differ – some heal from the first session while others need three or even sometimes ten therapies. It all depends on the amount of tension and stress stored in the body, and how much the individual is open to heal. This applies even with chronic conditions; they too can pass from early stages of Anatripsis.

In the first session, one will experience some pain as the first layer of tension is removed. A new deep sense of relaxation and calmness occurs because the tension has been properly eliminated. All the muscles and organs detoxify and the body realigns itself. A few days will be needed for this readjustment. For some, the detox may be strong. For others, it may be a gentle cleansing and pass without notice – this all depends on how much stress the individual has.

From there on, the body starts the process of finding balance. In the next sessions of Anatripsis the pain becomes less and less, until there is no pain at all. One is then able to go into even more deeper levels of relaxation through Anatripsis, which will teach the body to adapt to a peaceful feeling within and bring clarity to thoughts. Eventually, one will experience this peaceful feeling of calmness through stressful situations and not be affected but instead handle any problem in a positive, calm manner.

ANATRIPSIS MASSAGEPatients’ testimonials are available on the Anatripsis website.

Currently based in Cyprus, Panayiota Lazaris works in her own space in Limassol and in a medical clinic in Nicosia as she is often recommended by local doctors who have noticed their patients’ symptoms improving. She also organises self-Anatripsis workshops for individuals and academic courses for becoming a certified Anatripsis therapist, with the vision to spread the benefits of her breakthrough massage technique worldwide.

Panayiota Lazaris Anatripsis Workshops and Courses

The dates for upcoming workshops and courses are all announced on the FB page of Anatripsis Therapy.


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