Featured Brand: Zoe Apostolou Handmade Leather Handbags

Zoe Apostolou Handbags

Zoe Apostolou is the latest entry to my fashion-brands-to-watch list. The handmade handbags brand is only one year old but has already established a very distinctive, modern chic signature style which makes the label’s creations instantly identifiable. 

Born and raised in Athens, Zoe Apostolou started to discover and develop her creative talent through her studies in graphic design. As she worked for renowned Greek fashion designers, Zoe discovered that her love for fashion and her passion for quality fashion handbags would eventually prevail as a career choice. Richer in knowledge and experience from the fashion world, she launched her own brand under her name in 2014.

Zoe Apostolou’s most celebrated handbag creations are her colorful leather clutch bags, where classic elegance meets modern aesthetics, making these oval mini statement bags ideal for tasteful evening outfits. Zoe’s commitment to selecting only the best quality materials is one more reassurance that her creations will last as wardrobe basics for a really long time.

Zoe Apostolou Handbags

Discover more of Zoe’s beautiful leather handbags on her website www.zoeapostolou.com.

Zoe Apostolou Handbags



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