A complete guide to the new partywear 2016

Fairytale-inspired partywear dresses

Online retailer http://www.farfetch.com is tracing the characterics of the new partywear at the dawn of 2016. In their high-end fashion editorial for the coming champagne season, Farfetch shares insights into those cocktail looks which will become the center of admiration at this year’s Christmas and New Year parties.

It is made obvious that the new partywear evolves into more unpredictable and experimental; fashion rules stay back, styling limits become blurry and fashion classics such as little black dresses lose their shine as a party wear option.

“When you are pondering on what to wear to your next evening drinks date, forget about reaching for those blindingly obvious options, but think bigger and bolder instead, like you are writing brand new fantasy novel”, Farfetch says. “The new cocktail look is about dreaming big and breaking free from banality, and so should you when you hit your favourite party”.

The new partywear fabrics are lightweight and delicate, rich in texture, juxtaposed through intriguely interesting combos which blend the minimal with the extravagant, the old with the new, the naughty with the nice.

As the new year steps in, aim for a newly invented, stunning, fragile elegance reflected in your party outfit.

Champagne Season: Cocktails in Wonderland

Shop the styles online from http://www.farfetch.com/


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