CorpaoX fitness – the ultimate brazilian bum workout class

CorpaoX fitness – the ultimate brazilian bum workout class

USA-born, Brazilian-inspired personal trainer Chardet Durbin is the heart and the mind behind the creation of CorpaoX, an innovative fitness method also dubbed as “the Brazilian Bum Workout” by its already devoted and ever increasing fan base in New York City and London. 

Corpão roughly translated means ‘amazing body’ in Brazilian Portuguese and, as we know, there are quite a lot of them in Brazil! Since Corpao Fitness launched in 2012, the mission is to inspire individuals all over the world to embrace the Brazilian fitness lifestyle and get “Brazil fit”.

If you are looking for a fun yet effective body-sculpting class, CorpaoX might be just the right thing to do. Although body shape depends greatly on the genetical predisposition, the method provides spectacular results working towards a flatter tummy and perkier bum. And if you are in for an overall lifestyle change, you may even want to consider the exclusive experience of the 60-day Sesenta Challenge.

In this exclusive interview with, Chardet Durbin explains all about CorpaoX.

What is CorpaoX and how is it different and better to other fitness training methods? 

CorpaoX is a fusion workout that combines athletic activities from Brazil with bootcamp style training. The best way to describe it is as a high-energy, Brazilian barre class without the bar; essentially we’re combining Brazilian dance and strength training for ridiculously long intervals or at a high intensity with relatively short periods of rest (not HIIT because we go longer!)

Aside from its Brazilian elements – samba, Brazilian hip-hop and capoeira – CorpaoX is unique in that it is a integrative workout. We build the kind of endurance and flexibility unique to dancers while mastering balance and alignment that comes from martial arts – capoeira. While our bodyweight and resistance training sculpt and develop an athletic body. It’s rare to find this combination of flexibility, balance, strength and endurance in one workout even though these are all, jointly, responsible for improving one’s level of fitness.

And, of course, it’s just more fun!  I’m completely uninhibited and silly in my classes. I encourage everyone to just be carefree, to joke and laugh. I also keep choreography to a minimum because the focus is really meant to be on the workout and on enjoyment. It is BRAZILIAN after all, gente!

How did you come up with the idea of a new fitness method?

I’d been a fitness enthusiast for nearly ten years and had practiced everything from pilates to hung gar kung fu. However, nothing held my attention for more than a year and I found that I had to combine workouts from multiple studios in order to ensure continual gains in strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Despite all that work, I still didn’t feel that I had achieved the level of athleticism or the body that I wanted.

That all changed when I went to Rio de Janeiro for work (I am also Brazilian by my father’s side), to research samba schools. I became deeply immersed in the fitness culture in Rio – the gym life, the samba ensaios (rehearsals) and rodas de capoeira. I loved every moment of it and after a year, when it was time to return to New York, I was in the best shape of my life.

I knew I had to capture the spirit (and results!) of the Brazilian fitness lifestyle. I spent the next year becoming certified as a fitness professional and developing the fitness program known as CorpaoX today.

Is it true that CorpaoX can help ladies achieve an enviable hourglass figure easier than other fitness training methods?

I wouldn’t say it’s easier! Many women (and men!) have commented on how difficult this class is in comparison to others. But yes and no. No, in that you have to be genetically predisposed to this shape in order to attain it. Any workout that promises this to EVERYONE is just hype.

However, you can work towards a flatter tummy and perkier bum and that is exactly what we do. Many of the exercises focus on defining the core muscles and the muscles in the glutes. The class’s nickname is not Brazilian Bum workout for naught!

How does CorpãoX sculpt the body?

The workout focuses on cardio blasts and sustained endurance training, which slims down the body and on strength and resistance training which develop the muscles. This combination of cardio and strength, results in a leaner more defined body. This type of training, combined with healthy eating, is ideal for body transformation.

Who is it most suitable for? 

The workout is open to anyone! You can be any level or any age. That’s the beauty of it. We’ve had such a range of people come from former army officers to ballet dancers, but there’s also a lot of newbies – many of whom have never been active in their lives. I specifically designed the class so that each individual works according to their own abilities.

What is the Sesenta Challenge?

I am foremost a personal trainer before an instructor; if you come to a class you’ll see that in my emphasis on correct form! Sesenta Challenge is a 60 day program to help women and men to transform their lifestyle, not just weight or size goals.  It combines CorpãoX group classes, personal training sessions, home workouts, gym workouts and nutrition coaching. I continually monitor and track your progress and am available to answer any and all fitness/wellness questions 24 hours a day. As you might expect, it’s a very demanding program but participants have incredible, long-lasting results. Also given my level of involvement, it’s limited to 2-3 individuals at any one time – so you really have to be committed!

Where is Corpão available at the moment?

Corpão Fitness is New York based but we’re in the process of launching in London. I’ve been setting up CorpãoX taster classes in Angel and Oxford Circus over the last five months but these are now invite only (yes, you can email me to come!) I’m working with a few different gyms in Angel, Camden, Oxford Circus and Clapham to officially launch classes in the new year.

Would you be interested in collaborations with more fitness centers?

Yes, of course! The more individuals and members that can try CorpãoX, the better!

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