JAZZ WAY – Sarah Fenwick & Marinos Neophytou


Jazz duet Sarah Fenwick and guitarist Marinos Neophytou released their new CD “Jazz Way” in late 2013.

Capturing the warm sound of live Jazz is not easy in this age of technology and special sound effects, but Sarah Fenwick and Marinos Neophytou have succeeded by recording their CD “Jazz Way” live, and preserving the dynamic energy that is so exciting about this beautiful music.

JAZZ WAY SARAH FENWICK AND MARINOS NEOPHYTOU CD COVER“Jazz Way” was recorded in Cyprus, and the cover art features a photograph of old Nicosia within the walls.

The Cypriot musicians based their fantastic new work on their series of Jazz concerts titled “Incurable Romantics” in 2012. The concerts were a great success, and received rave reviews from other respected musicians, like the amazing classical pianist Yiannis Georgiou.

“It was like being transported to a Jazz Club performance of a sort that I didn’t think existed in Cyprus. Sarah is a committed and polished Jazz singer. She has a beautiful, crystal, bell-like, high frequency voice. And she is a complete artist in that she clearly lives and breathes her singing,” he said.

Sarah gives a beautifully polished performance and is accompanied with much conviction and also heartfelt commitment on the guitar by Marinos Neophytou, he adds.

On the CD you will hear two blues originals, and seven Jazz standards. One particular favourite is “My Funny Valentine”, which is a unique improvisation on the 1937 classic song written by Rodgers & Hart. Music lovers will enjoy the most popular Jazz songs written by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and other great composers. Just like love, these songs pass the test of time and remind us of the values of romance, dreams and passion.JAZZ WAY CD RELEASESarah Fenwick

Since 1991, the popular Jazz singer has performed in Cyprus, Israel, Kuwait, Italy and other countries and has recorded three CDs, including the hit “Love Life” CD. She is respected as one of Cyprus’ most improvisational and dedicated Jazz artists. For more on Sarah, visit www.sarahfenwick.com

Marinos Neophytou

Marinos Neophytou studied at Berklee College of Music and is a multi-talented musician who plays the guitar, saxophone and bass. He has worked for many years as a music teacher.  Marinos has performed extensively in mainstream and Latin Jazz.

JAZZ WAY SARAH FENWICK AND MARINOS NEOPHYTOU CD COVER“Jazz Way” is available online here or by ordering directly from the artist by email sarah@sarahfenwick.com.

“This CD is a great piece of artistic work combining Classic and Latin jazz techniques. Sarahs’ intonations accompanied by Marinos Neophytou’s tunes make for an enthralling combination. I listen to it every single day. Each time, I discover a different musical dimension which transports me to relax and simply enjoy the musical journey. This CD is a must have for jazz enthusiasts!” says jazz fan Margaret Pitiris.


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