Dr Alberto Armellini talks Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr Alberto Armellini plastic surgeon

A great preparation, meticulous attention to detail and a keen sense of beauty, all of them done the Italian way, are the secrets of success of Dr Alberto Armellini, Plastic Surgeon in Rome.

Doctor Alberto Armellini is one of the most famous and popular Italian plastic surgeons. Always gentle and elegant, Dr Armellini embodies the much-admired Italian style in the best possible way. The Roman surgeon has divided his time for years between his beloved Rome and Los Angeles, California, where he works with Professor Terino, an absolute magician of the scalpel and trusted surgeon of Hollywood celebrities.

– Dr Armellini, who are the beauty icons of your Italian patients?

Fortunately, there are fewer and fewer patients asking to be like someone. I do my best to make them understand that true beauty lies in the originality of each, and every one of us can do something to feel more beautiful. Irina Shayk and Charlotte Casiraghi are frequently mentioned by patients and taken as an example. Among Italian beauty icons, I would say that the most admired are Elisabetta Canalis and Melissa Satta.

Charlotte Casiraghi Elisabetta Canalis

Charlotte Casiraghi and Elisabetta Canalis are among the beauty icons most admired by Dr Alberto Armellini’s patients.

– Which are the surgical procedures most requested?

Breast augmentation and liposculpture, because these are safe procedures that allow a perfect remodeling of body shape. With regards to breast augmentation, today we have a great deal of prosthesis of high quality, safe and beautiful. For each volume we have at least 12-15 different types of implants. That allows us to perform custom-made procedures.

– Which is the secret of a well-made liposculpture?

A lot of experience and a keen sense of beauty and proportions. Liposculpture in experienced hands is a wonderful procedure that achieves harmonic and sensual abdomen, legs and buttocks. Modern liposculpture uses very small cannulas , 2-3 mm, is carried out under local anesthesia with sedation, and most of the time in day hospital.

– What advice would you give to our readers ?

Please contact only serious professionals and I recommend you do not overdo it. Beauty is harmony.



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