Kristle Haynes and the “Your Name Here” Fashion Campaign

Kristle Haynes and the “Your Name Here” Fashion Campaign

Fashion enthusiast Kristle Haynes has recently introduced an interesting, new way to promote emerging designers who are based in local markets, while at the same time she offers a personalised fashion service to the customers of her online boutique.

Born in Sint Maarten, a 37 sq mile island in the Caribbean, Kristle remembers how her growing up surrounded by many different prints and textiles from her mother’s interior decorating business, has nourished her love for fashion and trend forecasting. “Since then, I have developed a very trendy personal style and somehow always know the upcoming contemporary fads in fashion. I dabbled in modeling while living in Florida, and later moved to California and pursued it full-time”, she says.

Kristle Haynes

Today, Kristle forecasts trends by travelling to a myriad of countries whilst wearing creative & intricate clothing. These clothes are creations of talented designers based locally in said cities. Once trends seem prominent overseas, Kristle thereafter promotes these designer-wear by establishing more brand recognition through visionary adverts in London.

Kristle Haynes Poncho

“I created a job whereas I travel wearing intricate clothing by designers of various countries in order to see how the trends forecast in different cultures. I thereafter setup innovative fashion adverts for these emerging brands which would not have had the opportunity to embed any type of marketing strategy. Exemplifying my outlook on fashion with others began as a passion, became a hobby, and has blossomed into a business venture”, she adds.

“I have worked on this project for 8 months without pay! I believe, a life best lived is one in which you have impacted the lives of others. That being said, I have just launched my shop where these designers finally have a portal to sell their intricate clothing”.
The “Your Name Here” Campaign
But she doesn’t stop here. Kristle Haynes has also applied a “Your Name Here” Branding strategy, where costumers are able to customize clothing specifically to copyright themselves. Only one of each style is made in that particular collection and the customer has the option to snap a photo with it and send the image to Kristle. Once  she receives that image, she uploads it onto her website and names the look after them.
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