Christmas Fashion Tips For 2013

Christmas Fashion Tips For 2013

This time of year, we’re always inundated with news and headlines about the latest trends in fashion, and to be sure the autumn/winter season is a great time to showcase a new look. With popular new outerwear styles and beautiful new boots making the rounds, many women like to completely overhaul their wardrobes once the cold weather arrives. But within cold weather fashion trends, we rarely see specific advice regarding the holidays, which really demand their own sets of stylish and festive clothing!

Christmas Sweater by M&S

Christmas Sweater by M&S

With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at some beautiful holiday style trends we’re expecting to see in the UK this season.

    • Animal Print Scarves – This is one of the major trends of the winter season, and it’s absolutely ideal for the first snow of the season, or even for Christmas morning at home. The holidays are all about comfort, and wrapping up in a warm but stylish animal-accented scarf keeps you cozy while making a fashionable statement. Leopard is of course the main example, but you can even infuse an animal trend by going with something like a feathered scarf (incidentally, feathers are also “in” this season).
scarf and gloves set

Animal print fleece scarf and gloves – a day to night essential.

    • (Christmas) Tartan – Again, Tartan is a very popular trend in general this winter, but one look at the featured examples at Telegraph show you just how perfectly it can be applied to Christmas fashion. Red or green (or both) in tartan gives you a blend of holiday festivity and seasonal style that won’t be ignored, and you’ll feel about as perfectly dressed as possible for the holidays.
red tartan bag

Red tartan flight bag.

    • Mini-Handbags – Mini-handbags aren’t the most convenient fashion options out there, but they can be perfect accents for your Christmas parties this season. In fact, some even have the look of little ornaments or decorations! For example, the “globe” mini-purse from Chanel is a wonderful pick.
    • Cozy Cashmere – Cashmere is everywhere we look this season, and much like the scarves it just perfectly suits the cozy atmosphere of Christmas morning or a snowed-in December weekend. If you decide to add this item to your list, M&S are featuring a Christmas collection full of gifts, decorations and fashion essentials, including a cashmere collection that’s a good place to start. Just keep those Christmas colours in mind!
jumper with swarovski elements

Cozy cashmere meets Christmas jumper; two trends in one fashion item. Snowflake cashmere jumper with Swarovski elements.

    • Christmas Jumpers! – Finally, if you want to get a bit playful with your holiday wardrobe, Christmas themed jumpers are back in action! (You know, the ones with reindeer and snowflakes etc. stitched into the front.) Sure, they’re not the most fashionable options in everyday situation, but as light, playful holiday attire they’ll never get old!


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