Textured skirts

Textured skirts

I was scanning through my photo files for the A/W 2012-13 season that we are leaving behind, when I found some really nice pictures of skirts that I loved for their  unusual textures.

Which one do you like more?

1. Holly Fulton

Plastic fantastic. So typical of Holly’s design techniques.

Holly Fulton skirt

2. Michael Van Der Ham

Tiny flowers embroidery.

Michael Van Der Ham pink skirt

3. Sister by Sibling

Knit skirt with mixed leopard and ethnic patterns.

Sister by Sibling knit leopard print skirt

4. Eleni Kyriacou

Asymmetrical, faux fur and knit skirt.

Eleni Kyriacou faux fur and knit skirt

5. Vilshenko

a. Brocart skirt

Vilshenko skirt

b. Leather skirt in harlequin pattern

Vilshenko skirt

Vilshenko skirt


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