Greek Mystery – conceptual wedding dresses

Greek Mystery – conceptual wedding dresses

“The methexis of Love and Friendship, is what we hold most precious in modern Greece”, says galery owner Eleni Marneri of her new exhibition, “Greek Mystery”.

From the view of fashion design, El.Marneri Galerie looks into the wedding tradition in Greece through the spectrum of conceptual wedding dresses and apparel. Designs are spunky, forms are uniquely deliberated and the tradition of wedding is redefined to express tenderness and joy, through organza, taffeta, silk, canvas, gold, silver, precious stones and porcelaine in limitless creative combinations.

An exhibition for fashion and design enthusiasts, romantics, non conventional brides-to-be or simply eclectic wedding guests who aspire to find and offer a very special wedding gift to newly weds.

Showing Designers:

Astarti, Yiannis Boufis, Sophia Gaitani, Pavlos-Zachos, Katerina Ioannidi, Maria Kamari, Marigo Kassi, Christina Kellidi, Ioli Livada, Ariadne Mackinnon, Maria Mastori, Katerina Mertzani, Poly Nikolopoulou, Stella Pissa, Eleftheria Sifneou, Akrivi Simeonidi, Anna Tsalaga.


5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou St 11742 Makriyanni, metro Akropolitel. +30 210 8619488, fax. +30 210 8668195

Opening Hours

Tue – Thu – Fri 10:00-20:00

                               Wed – Sat 10:00-18:00

03.03.12 – 30.04.12

Maria Kamari silken wedding stole with coptic butterfly appliques

Maria Mastori net and opal wedding neckpieces

Ariadne Mackinnon wedding dress with Japanese infuences

Wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses by Yiannis Boufis

Decorated pochette for wedding flower bouquets

Menswear for weddings and occassions by Yiannis Boufis


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