Why Trendspot Around the Globe

Why Trendspot Around the Globe

Raised in a family that taught me respect to all people and cultures, I could never ignore the aspect of diversity in fashion, which I approach with an open mind and a critical eye eager to understand and promote every innovative or otherwise special feature in fashion design and artistic expression in general.

After all, fashion is art, connoted as a means of self-expression, a means to reveal or conceal ourselves from the others and this is the process that “Paulatrendsets” is trying to facilitate.

Through trendspotting at major Fashion Weeks, on the catwalks, in fashion or fashion-related events and travelling around the world, “Paulatrendsets” will try and find all you need to express yourself through fashion and art and make you communicate the uniqueness we have all been gifted with.

This is exactly what being fashionable is; adopting the trends when at the same time being able to stand out from the crowd, no matter how much or how little you spend on fashion and beauty, but depending on what YOU choose and when.

Trendset yourself.

Fashion is a game of creativity.

[ Have you any suggestions for trendspotting, be it a designer, a brand, a shop, a gallery or anything of similar interest, feel free to contact “Paulatrendsets” ]
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