May I introduce myself…

“Paula Trendsets” blog is a long time dream come true.

My name is Paula Tsoni and I have been working in Greek and Cypriot media since 2005.

Starting my career as a cinema and theatre cultural editor for the Greek web portal, I’d never imagined becoming a journalist would actually be a far more fascinating profession than I had pictured when I was daydreaming about it as a teenager.

Looking back, I realize it’s been a long way since. After that first job as a cultural editor in Athens, always focusing on writing my own opinion of the films and plays I saw rather than copying press releases, I made the most decisive step in my career and in my life until today. That was moving to Cyprus.

Things have not been easy from the very beginning, as for any newcomer anywhere in the world. But, with my University degree in Communication and Media, fluency in 4 languages and studies in TV presenting, a strong will, an abundance of love for communicating truth and hope, as well as the precious help of new friends I thankfully made, it wasn’t long before I was offered a job in the largest media group on the island.

It was 1st July 2007 when I was hired as the main reporter for a lifestyle summer morning program on the highly prestigious Sigma TV channel, member of DIAS Publishing House, which is also home to 2 newspapers, one web portal, several radio stations and international titles such as Harper’s Bazaar, Madame Figaro and OK! Magazine. When the season was over, I was moved to the news department of Sigma TV, where I started working as a news reporter and news presenter a little later. Often charging me with reporting and commenting live on international news, except from social, environmental, medical and cultural subjects, the news department has been to me the best of schools. It was somewhere among news stories of cruel crime and fraudulent politics transmitted by international news agencies where I discovered, among many other realities of our world, my passion for fashion and lifestyle journalism.

Lucky I was when in March 2008, the new “child” of DIAS Publishing was born under the name Cyprus Fashion Week by Harper’s Bazaar, giving me the opportunity to take up the TV coverage of every Cyprus Fashion Week event ever since, spending dozens of hours in the venues, watching the catwalks and interviewing famous people in fashion, while still employed as a news reporter for Sigma TV.

Francois-Louis Vuitton, Tilmann Grawe, Marcellous Jones and Helga Brejla are only some of the people I was lucky enough to interview on camera during the Cyprus Fashion Week events in a couple of years.

In the meanwhile, DIAS Publishing kept offering my restless spirit outlets from my main occupation as a reporter to many other different directions that had one thing in common: media communication. At the same time with my news reporting and presenting, I slowly emerged from columnist and freelance writer of the newspapers and guest in radio and TV programs of the media group, to fashion editor and resident blogger of the popular web portal

This is when I felt I had to move on to the next step. Reporting from the London Fashion Week last March on behalf of, I knew I had to learn more about the world of fashion journalism – and the best place to do so was the Central St Martins College of Arts and Design.

Despite the fact that I’ve been studying Fashion Journalism only for a month and a half, it feels like home in London, the unsleeping capital of European fashion. This is why I felt the need to start communicating my beloved fashion, art and culture through an english-speaking blog as well, so that more people have access to what I experience, see and think about these fields, not only in Cyprus and Greece, not only in the UK, but wherever fashion, art and culture exist.

The end?


Just another beginning.


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