3 delicious, healthy homemade soups to keep you warm this winter


As the cold weather kicks in, hot soups become a staple for a superboost of warmth and nutrition.
Food blogger Claudia Armani of Lemons and Olives blog shares soup wisdom today, introducing her 3 favorite homemade winter soups.Click on each soup to view the recipe.

 Which one shall we try first?


Sweet potatoes and thyme soup

An anti-oxidants rich, hearty and filling soup, with the anti-bacterial properties of the thyme, perfect for this time of the year.2.


Celery, carrots and fennel seeds soup

A very delicate cleansing soup, that can help to get rid of abdominal bloating thanks to the fennel seeds and the fibers of the celery.


Pumpkin, sage and Serrano ham soup

A delicious and hearty soup with a distinctive flavor, perfect to use up all those Halloween pumpkins left-overs.

[Photo credit: Lemons and Olives blog]

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