3 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Mascara


Why women wearing mascara look more beautiful to the common eye, and what should be your best excuse for changing your all-time favorite mascara which you have been using for years? Here are the answers to some very basic questions about mascara which may have never crossed your mind before.

Ongoing Evolution

Mascara is a relatively new product in the world of cosmetics, first appearing as a word in the 1890s. However, the mascara that we all know, packed in a tube container with a wand applicator, was not available before the late 1950s. The products sold as mascaras before then were hard to use and the result could end up really messy because of their rich and greasy texture. The evolution of mascara products continues today whilst decorative makeup brands keep on developing and launching a diversity of more ergonomic mascara wands for better results and easier application or innovations such as mascaras that add fiber to the eyelashes for a false lash effect. Some of the latest mascara products may even include eyelash nutritives such as oils and vitamins. Keeping track of the ongoing developments in mascara technology might give you good reasons to change your favorite mascara for a more advanced product every once in a while.

Underlying psychology

Have you ever wondered why mascara makes us look more beautiful? That happens not only thanks to the pigmentation that helps to define the eyelashes, granting them a lengthening and thickening visual effect. It is also due to the mascara brush pulling away the eyelash from the rim of the eye, thus creating the illusion of larger, wider eyes, which in humans’ minds is biologically associated to youth. This is why the use of eyelash curlers is also recommended to maximize the “open eyes” effect.

Health and Safety

You should not disregard health and safety issues when using cosmetics, and that applies to mascara too. It is advised that you dispose of your mascara (tube and brush) after 3 months of use or at any time that  you may find it smell different, as that might mean it has grown bacteria. Also, most women ignore that their mascara might cause a mild allergic reaction that can result in styes and swollen eyelids. If you notice that your eyelids appear to be often swollen or if you feel them itchy and uncomfortable, try changing your mascara for a different brand. Choosing mascaras that are marked ophthalmologically tested or even hypoallergenic can minimize the risk of eye irritation, however individual allergies are not unlikely to occur with cosmetics as every person is different. Remember that our eyelashes are meant to protect our precious eyes from environmental debris and air pollutants – therefore, we should be perfectly aware of what we apply onto them.

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