Product Review: Elemis Jasmine and Rose Hand and Nail Cream


I found this Elemis Jasmine and Rose Hand and Nail Cream in my Numerati goody bag last summer and I didn’t use it until the cold weather kicked in this week; my hands always feel sore and dry in the cold brittish weather.

So this time, instead of reaching for the hand cream which I used last winter, I quickly opened the dark red box, took off the tube lid and removed the protective seal to feel what I expected to be a jasmine and rose fragrance.

The cream’s fragrance is indeed very jasmine-y, very reminiscent of flower water. I didn’t really feel a note of rose in it (my mum thinks otherwise), but it certainly smells amazing and I liked how the cream is light and gets immediately absorbed. Unlike many nourishing hand creams, this one does not have a heavy texture and it does not feel greasy at all.

In the product description, I see that the hand cream, part of Elemis’ sp@home body exotics cosmetics line, contains Abyssinian and argan oils and aromatic milks of jasmine and white lotus.


After the first application, I was surprised to find out that I as I woke up next morning my hands still smelled like jasmine. So far, the difference has been huge compared to my previous hand cream and I will continue to use it not only for dry hands, but also for nail strengthening.

Have you tried this hand cream? Or, do you have a favorite one you would like to recommend and why? Leave your comments below.


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