“Fashion Paulice” on Eugreeka Radio

“Fashion Paulice” on Eugreeka Radio

It’s been a year since I had suggested a fashion news program to my colleagues at www.eugreeka.com. After moving from London back to my previous job in Sigma TV Cyprus, then moving to Greece for several months to start over as a freelance journalist and full-time blogger, the time came for this dream to become a reality.

Inspired by the title I had given to my greek language fashion blog, the weekly fashion news program on eugreeka was also named Fashion Paulice, playing on my first name.

Every Thursday at 2100, Friday at 1700, Saturday at 1400 and Sundays at 1300 GMT, “Fashion Paulice” aims to bring to our audience the most ground-breaking fashion news of the week, insider’s shopping tips and styling advice as well as interviews with important people from the fashion and retail business.

Given that eugreeka started as a website for all things Greek in the UK, “Fashion Paulice” will also include a joint effort of euGreeka and PaulaTrendsets to promote the work and talents of emerging and established Greek fashion designers, alongside our global trendspotting.

Special discount codes for online shopping, exclusive to our audience, will often be broadcast during Fashion Paulice.

Stay tuned on www.eugreeka.com radio for the hottest news from the exciting world of fashion.

Thursday 2100 GMT

Friday 1700 GMT

Saturday 1400 GMT

Sundays 1300 GMT

 Fashion Paulice with Paula Tsoni on eugreeka radio, powered by www.PaulaTrendsets.com

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