Glam gifts for baby boys, up to 55€ price

Glam gifts for baby boys, up to 55€ price

The idea for this article came when I recently needed to buy something really special for the newborn son of a much appreciated colleague with a very refined taste. The baby was already 3 months old at the time of the party invite so I wanted to buy something nice and original that would make him look very elite.

My friend Persa suggested that I visited “Designed for Kids” in Nicosia, Engomi area. As soon as I walked in, I found these incredible baby shoes and I knew immediately what I was going to buy for the baby.

A "rich and famous" baby look for only 50€

I chose the silver shoes because it seemed to me like the gold ones where way too flashy. If I bought the pacifier from the same collection though, I would have chosen the gold one.

 The same shop featured a lot of other cool baby boy gift ideas for all budgets, starting with sets of emroidered socks for about 22-24€ and a cute set of heritage layette and cap by Replay.

As for you who leave too far away from “Designed for Kids” to shop the selection, I found some equally exclusive baby wear at around the same price. Try this Gucci cap for 55€, available in all Gucci boutiques, or a selection of designer layettes and caps from “Young Dolphins”, a baby wear paradise, Dirk Boutslaan 8, Leuven, Belgium (20 mins by train from Brussels)



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