Lunch by the sea

Lunch by the sea

One of the places I keep in my heart with much love and happy childhood memories is the village of Ayia Marina in Fthiotis, Greece. Only 15kms away from my hometown, Lamia, Ayia Marina has been a paradise of summer fun plenty of fish taverns ever since my grandmother was in her 20s.

Although it’s not famous for the best sea or considered the trendiest resort in the area anymore, the nostalgic atmosphere and the open view from the promenade of Ayia Marina keep the village a popular destination for lunch and dinner or coctails by the sea all year round. I rememeber several nice taverns along the promenade since I was a child, all of them serving the freshest of fish. Not all of them survived through the years though, as local businesses at the area change hands quite often.

This year’s new entry that stands out for its aesthetics as well as for its cuisine, is “To Mpakaliko”, whose image revives the marine tradition of the village as well as the purity and romanticism of the 50s and 60s, when Ayia Marina was at the best of its peak.

The outside of the tavern is decorated like if it was a grocery shop of the 60s.

It looks like a rustique home kitchen, only this time it’s in open air.


The colorful 50s ads which complete the decoration, add to the blue and white a vivid Warholic sensation -even though they don’t serve tinned Campbell’s soup over here.

All things fresh are listed on the blackboard at the entrance. Pots with basil are omnipresent.


My favourite dish at “Mpakaliko”; spaghetti with seafood.

All things healthy; remember to ask for beetroots and hand-picked herbs (“chorta”), water-boiled and served with olive oil and plenty of lemon.


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  1. alexandros tsonis
    August 20, 2011 / 8:50 am

    Votes to Ayia Marina of my childhood! The first place I visit on the next day I’m back to Greece! A favourite place for our friends from abroad!