Product Review: Taj Sunset by Escada

Product Review: Taj Sunset by Escada

I was offered this brand new Taj Sunset by Escada for Women Eau de Toilette
by my friend Maria.

The bright colors on the box and the delicious looking deep orange of the bottle immediately caught my eye and had me expecting a really summery scent. So it was. Fruity notes and beach mood sprung from “Taj Sunset”, to describe in simple words what it felt like.

As I found out later, this scent was inspired by the exotic atmosphere of Goa, India.

The aromas of mango and coconut mix harmonically in this sensuous perfume, discreetly and naturally enough to make “Taj Sunset” ideal to wear on the beach without getting too dramatic -I hate heavy perfume on the beach, don’t you?

Spray on “Taj” and all you need is make your own memories out of every Sunset.

Tip: If you wish to achieve a fresh, day-to-night fragrance layering, try buying the Escada Taj Sunset Women Gift Set, which includes the Eau de Toilette, Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion!


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