3 beautiful brunette hairstyles, the Penelope way

3 beautiful brunette hairstyles, the Penelope way

Bad hair day? Need some inspiration about what to do with your locks?

Penelope Cruz showed us 3 different hairstyles for brunettes in a week’s time. Surprisingly enough, it was all about simple hairstyles we know how to do since we were little girls. No chignones and complex hairdos, just beautiful hair modestly braided, worn in a sleek ponytail or simply beautifully brushed and let loose to demonstrate their shine and vigour. Since these simple hairstyles looked so fabulous on the red carpet, I bet you can follow one of Penelope’s 3 sample hairstyles whatever the occassion.

And remember; as my friend Sophia says, “braid is great whenever you’re most desperately in need of a hairdresser”


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