Mosaic lives on

Mosaic lives on

Some of you may be familiar with the art of mosaic through visiting archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. What you might not know about it, is that this art of 4000 years still lives on in its modern forms and approaches, providing exquisite pieces of art you can actually take home with you.

Ioulia Athanasaki sitting on a piece of furniture she has decorated with mosaic. Chili Art Gallery, Athens.

Ioulia Athanasaki is one of the few artists who have both the talents and the patience to practice the art of mosaic. Having experimented with painting, sculpture and graphics for years, Ioulia finally found her creative identity in her time-consuming mosaics. Her most astonishing creations include pieces of furniture that she carefully chooses, then matches with her mosaics.

Despite the fact that most modern artists of mosaic give a more glossy and fancy touch to the ancient art, Ioulia’s works stay real to the romantic, nostalgic attributes of mosaic. If you find yourself in Athens these days until the 5th March, you will be able to see an exhibition of the artist’s varied  mosaic works, from little decorative items to mirrors and more, in Chili Art Gallery, Demophontos 13-15, Thession.



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