How to work a show-stopping romantic glam look

Fashion Shoot Raftopoulos

Red carpet or black tie event? Date night or glamorous party? When you need to dress to impress at jaw-dropping, show-stopping level, then romantic glam is what you need.

Hairstylist Argiris Raftopoulos has shared with beauty blog Woman Meeting Point and PaulaTrendsets shots from his recent romantic glam fashion editorial, so we can show you the basics of romantic glam in a few easy steps.

Fashion Hairstyles by Argyris RaftopoulosHair

Loose updos, romantic braids or side-braids.


Thick eyeliner for cat-eye effect, natural lips, subtle blush

(a rich lipbalm and mousse blush on the cheekbones are what I personally use)

Fashion Hairstyles by Argyris Raftopoulos


Choose open shoulder or just strapless.

Delicate lace always works for the romantic glam style, and it’s more suitable for date nights and dinner parties – you may go for a total pastel tulle dress or solid color lace, but, if you want show-stopping, you would rather dare a contrast like the lace dress we see here with black on beige.

Dresses with corset tops and full skirts or bold colors like red, or both, are more appropriate for red carpet or black tie events, where you are free to show more of an extravaganza in your sartorial choices.


Since your dress should be your main eye-catcher in this look, don’t go too far with the shoes you pick. A classic pump in a solid color would do. On the contrary, jewellery should be interesting and luxurious. Avoid big faux crystals which could prove a style risk and prefer unique pieces of -preferably handmade- jewellery that everybody is gonna be envy of and want to know details about.Glam Fashion Hairstyles by Argyris Raftopoulos

Photographer: Jiorjia Jester

Creative director/hairstylist: Argiris Raftopoulos

Head make up artist: Mary Rokkou

Mua: Despina Papaioannou, Maria Paleologou, Melina Petropoulou

Assistants hairstylists: Voula Kakouri, Marilia, Vasso Zogopoulou, Stanciu Maria,Marina Gewrgiou

Models: Ina lsk, Stefania Brugos

Handmade jewellery: Mike Sparopoulos

Fashion designer: Miltos

Photoshoot assistant: Rezakos

Model supervisor: Dimitrios Constantin Makris

Location: Hotel Grecotel Pallas Athena


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