An exciting 2 days of events in CHORA Arts Space

An exciting 2 days of events in CHORA Arts Space

One of the most memorable moments of this summer was the 2 days of events I organised in a very special venue near my hometown, Lamia, Greece. CHORA Arts’ Space is a private estate in the middle of the countryside in Central Greece, where the owner, Makis Georgiou, a person with a deep understanding of every form of art and artistic expression, has set up an oasis of nature, gastronomy and festive events. 

The first impression counts, and such an entrance can only remind you of a gateway to Heaven.


An eco-friendly venue in the middle of nature. An oper-air bar, restaurant and grill, an open-air stage for concerts, an indoors venue for winter and a small pavillion for ineractive shows limited to 50-100 spectators. The restaurant uses groceries, dairy and meat products almost exclusively from the area.

Herbs like lavender, oregano, thyme and rosemary are grown at the venue’s own garden, next to the pavillion.

Our exciting 2 days in CHORA started on the 5th August with a one man’s show by actor and writer Nikos Ortetzatos. Starring in his own play, accompanied by pianist Avnjel Laska, Ortetzatos presented to an eclectic audience the story of “GREMANDOS”, little trolls that torture us at night by whispering in our ears our most unspeakable desires.

Nikos Ortetzatos starred in his own play, “GREMANDOS”, a musical one man’s show, accompanied by pianist Avnjel Laska, at the pavilion of CHORA.

All smiles by a happy team of partners in art and creativity. From left to right, Nikos Ortetzatos, me and Dancing with the Stars (GR) choreographer Thanos Pisanidis, who appeared as a guest in a surprise role at the play especially for the show in CHORA.

Next day, 6th August, it was Thanos Pisanidis’ time to star at his own kind of show. The Dancing with the Stars choreographer and dancer held an exclusive seminar for a limited number of latin dance enthusiasts in the indoors venue of CHORA.

Thanos Pisanidis with one of the seminar-goers, dance enthusiast Maria Frontzou.


All sweat and exhaustion from the 4-hour dancing seminar, still feeling radiant and confident enough to keep dancing for at least another hour or so. From left to right, Fotini Tsiggeli, Eleni Kolokitha, Thanos Pisanidis, Maria Frontzou and Dimitra Mpali.

The hospitality at CHORA was beyond everything our team had experienced before. Makis and the personnel treated us as old time friends so at the end of the 2nd day we felt we had to somehow give back to them. As they told us they were preparing our dinner after the dance seminar, Nikos, Avnjel and I rushed to the kitchen and offered to prepare a special dish each.

CHORA Arts’ Space owner Makis Georgiou won’t hesitate to wear his cooking apron and rush into the kitchen at peak hours. In fact, he’s the person behind the most exquisite dishes at the restaurant. Here he talks recipes while I have just finished preparing my contribution to the dinner; stuffed mushrooms, a recipe I was taught many years ago by my Hungarian friend Dori’s mother, Eva Hargitai, in Debrecen.

Voila! Yummmm….


…and a zesty version of cheesecake with a hint of anana flavor by Nikos Ortetzatos. We thought about naming it “Ortetzandos”, after its cook and his play (“Ortetzatos”+”Gremandos”)

Learn more about CHORA Arts’ Space at WWW.XWRA.GR


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  1. alexandros tsonis
    September 1, 2011 / 10:35 pm


  2. Elenitsa
    September 1, 2011 / 10:56 pm

    I really enjoyed it!Thank you Paula for choosing the right show, the right area.That night with the show was great especially for me! I needed it! But…you forgot my pictures with the stars Nickos Ortetzatos and Thanos Pissanidis…Next time…next event I suppose!I miss it!Come again!

  3. L.M.
    September 1, 2011 / 11:10 pm

    Really Great! Really memorable! All of them! The show, the place (“Chora” at Leleika of Ypati),and Paula of PAULATRENDSETS of course! Will you be back?

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