Where to eat good and cheap in Athens (summer 2011)

Where to eat good and cheap in Athens (summer 2011)

Either you are a tourist or living in Athens, here are a couple of chain restaurants where you can enjoy great dishes at a mini price this summer.


“La Pasteria” italian cuisine restaurants are celebrating 10 years of success and delicacies so they are offering a full summer menu at the unbeatable price of 10 euros. The menu starts with a Caesar’s salad, continues with pasta (you choose among carbonara, napolitana or primavera, and you also get to choose the type of pasta of your preference) for main course and ends with yogurt panna cotta for dessert. The cooks don’t cook behind closed doors but in the same room as guests, behind a protective glass. Experienced and caring personnel will be happy to assist you.

Check for addresses HERE



“Ladokolla” should be your choice if you prefer greek traditional recipes and mouthwatering grill. The name of this chain means “Baking Sheet” and that’s where your grill is served -on a piece of baking sheet. The ambience is friendly and welcoming, boldly rustique like if you were eating in a village tavern of the 60s. You’ll be happy with whatever you’ll choose to have, grill or other traditional dishes. A meal containing main course, hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be about 10 euros/person or even less.

Choose one of 5 restaurants:

Thisseos 243  OR Agion Panton & Doiranis, Kallithea

Kalogiron Square, Dafne

Imitou 46, Kesariani

Mpournaziou Square, Peristeri


Check for addresses HERE

La Pasteria 10th Anniversary menu 1st dish: Caesar's salad (strong garlic flavor)


La Pasteria 10th Anniversary 2nd dish: Pasta a la Primavera with grated parmisan


La Pasteria 10th Anniversary menu Dessert: This yogurt panna cotta tastes much better than the picture I took of it.



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