The Year of The Red Riding Hood

The Year of The Red Riding Hood

2010, it was Alice in the Wonderland. 2011, the Red Riding Hood is trending so much right now. Catherine Hardwicke shone a little Twilight on the classic children’s tale but that’s not over for Red Riding Hood.

There’s a live bar in Athens where RR Hood (sounds more cool abbreviated, doesn’t it?) takes a quirky turn and proves to be a bad girl it’s been two seasons now. Not as dark as Seynfried but instead really hilarious, “Red-skoufitsa” has enchanted the crowds for quite a long time and is about to give a final show next Tuesday 12/4. If you happen to be in Athens at that time and understand greek, do pass by Nueva Trova Live Bar to watch the show – and even if you don’t understand the language, just join Red-skoufitsa and the Wolf for the DJ party after the finale. Chin chin.


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