Mismatch the right way (a style case-study)

Mismatch the right way (a style case-study)

Helena Bonham-Carter recently showed the world how to mismatch fashion items the WRONG way. A coin always has two sides though, so let’s find out how we can actually look GREAT in mismatched shoes and other fashion items.

It all started at the Golden Globes Award Ceremony when the Harry Potter “witch” stepped on the red carpet wearing one red and one green shoe -and no, the Vivienne Westwood frock did NOT grant Helena any kind of poetic licence.

If styled in a correct way though, mismatched fashion can be inspiring and look great indeed. The Bonham-Carter outfit for instance, wouldn’t be as outrageous if the dress was monochrome in a neutral color. Still, this aesthetically ugly pair of shoes wouldn’t work together. Why?

There is one and only rule to make mismatched fashion items match; it’s called self-completion and it refers to the pair of two mismatched items. Be it shoes or other accessories, the two should give an overall impression of harmony as a pair of items.

Before talking about mismatched shoes though (which are the most tricky fashion items to mismatch), let’s take a look at the safest ways to adopt mismatched fashion.

These are 1. earrings and 2. lingerie. Either they are designed to be mismatched or not, just let your imagination take over. Remember only the golden rule; self-completion. The two mismatched items should look harmonious as an ensemble.

Designed to be mismatched. From left to right, “Les Nereides” mismatched earrings look harmonious as they both support the notion of “Paris” and have basic common features, and “Fly” mismatched hanger and dress earrings from Atahualpa, Lamia, Greece, look nice as an ensemble as they both complete the notion of “wardrobe”.

Mismatch inspiration. Picked one earring from each pair and everyone is wowed. English country style mix’n’match earrings from Accessorize.

Mismatched lingerie. None of these three lingerie ensembles is matched with its pair, still they look fantastic together. The color of the trimming or patterns of the bra, becomes the main color of the panties. From left to right 1. Bra by Women’s Secret, thong by Miss Selfridge 2. Bra by Angelica, thong by Top Shop 3. Bra by Mimi Holliday, thong by Calvin Klein.

When it comes to shoes though,  it’s better to stick to pairs that have been designed to look mismatched, like Camper Twins or similar pairs by Pretty Ballerinas. The Bonham-Carter one totally red – one totally green shoe had no hope to look nice as an ensemble, as they had nothing in common except from the same design. Here are some of my favourite Camper Twins and some outfits I styled with them on Polyvore. Style your Twin shoes with jeans and a top or a dress in a neutral color both shoes feature.

Camper Twins made mismatched shoes become fashion. There’s always a hint of harmony in every pair though, as the seemingly mismatched shoes actually complete each other if you look at them as a pair.

Outfits with mismatched shoes created by www.paulatrendsets.com on Polyvore.


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